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If you aren’t an expert on design industry buzzwords,

you might have wondered what the difference is between 'branding' and 'identity.' Even some designers are confused

by these terms. While both are similar, one is actually a
subset of the other.

Simply stated, Identity is about visuals; icons, signage
​and packaging.

Branding is about creating a consistent and exceptional
customer experience.

Branding vs. Identity: 


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We specialize in digital branding and on-line marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. Our packages include identity design services, sales collateral, websites and social media; including mobile-ready marketing strategies.

We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) services that not only increase your company’s online visibility, but your market share, as well.

Our goal is to provide exceptional creative marketing solutions that are engaging, effective and valuable to your audience.

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" In today’s modern world,
  people are either asleep, or connected."

                         ~ Janice H. Reinold, Rosetta Marketing

" If your marketing plans don’t include mobile,
​  your plans are not finished."

                                         ~ Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

" Mobile is not the future, it is the NOW.       Meet your customers in the environment
​  of their choice, not where it's convenient   for you."

                            ~ Cyndie Shaffstall, Spider Trainers

what’s the difference?

Branding is about creating a customer experience.

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​​​Responsive design, simply put, allows each user

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With the choices a company has to place their online media 

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the power or ability to influence people,

Leverage2 is a digital marketing communications agency that specializes in branding and multi-channel marketing strategies, designed to achieve our clients' measurable goals.

events, decisions;  to persuade.


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